The King Inspecting RNAS Officers Postcard

This week’s postcard is another from the Daily Mail series of postcards depicting the Great War. This example is a colourised one and shows the King inspecting Royal Naval Air Service officers:

In the centre can be seen the king himself, easily recosnisable by his beard:

The officers he is inspecting line up in front of him:

It is interesting that the colourist has clearly depicted them wearing a mixture of naval and army uniform, suggesting that some might be either RFC or Royal Marine officers. More naval officers can be seen off to the left of the postcard:

This photograph is most likely taken in France, and in the background can be seen a large barn:

The King’s first trip to review troops in France was in October 1915 and on the 29th of that month the Daily Mail ran an article entitled “The King in the Field”:

The King has followed up his noble appeal to his people to join the colours by coming out to France to see for himself the work of his Army in the field. Just as his majesty’s appeal has had a most stimulating effect on recruiting, so the appearence of the King among his soldiers at the front has called forth a tremendous outburst of enthusiasm wherever he has been along the line.

To the King, fresh from his inspection of the base services, rousing cheers were doubtless no novelty, but there was something extraordinarily inspiring in the deep throated roar of welcome, as I heard it on a muddy road near the front this afternoon, raised by men straight out of the trenches, mud stained and war-worn, when at the end of the formal inspection they were permitted to give vent to their feelings of loyalty as the King drove away.

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