Australian Sailor on Exercise Impression

This month’s impression depicts an able seaman of the Royal Australian Navy on exercise on land. He has swapped his usual uniform for that more associated with the army, with an auscam uniform and webbing and an F88 assault rifle. Although more at home on board ship, there is always the possibility he will be deployed ashore to help keep order or act as security until conventional army troops can reach a remote region and as such he must learn a few basic infantry skills:

I will be honest and say that this impression is something of a composite as there are three or four different patterns of Auscam uniform and a few different versions of the 88 pattern webbing, this impression combines a few different patterns of uniform as it is based on what I can get hold of in the UK- it still gives a good impression though.

This sailor wears Auscam shirt and trousers with a matching boonie hat. On his feet are a pair of Australian produced Terra boots, the trousers tied at the ankles and bloused over them. His webbing is the Australian 1988 pattern set, with two pouches for magazines for his Steyr Aug F88 rifle, two water bottles and a pair of large minimi pouches, which are also used as utility pouches. The rifle is the Steyr Aug F88 with a webbing sling, he does not carry a bayonet for this exercise. He clearly needs to work on his webbing as it is a little loose and will be uncomfortable for any length of wear:

  1. Auscam Shirt with AB’s rank slides
  2. Auscam Trousers
  3. Auscam boonie hat
  4. Steyr Aug rifle
  5. Terra boots
  6. 1988 Pattern webbing set

One comment

  1. Looks good.

    The Steyr in Australian service is the Australian Defence Industries (Lithgow) made F88 AUSTEYR and is never referred to as the Steyr Aug, simply F88 or Steyr (or even more simply “Bangstick”) by the ADF. The rear sling swivel should be on the right side of the butt, not the left as you have it. Seems counter intuitive I know but that’s the correct method for slinging. Unless trained in bayonet fighting a bayonet isn’t issued. RAAF and RAN don’t generally conduct that training so your impression is correct.

    T-shirt should be khaki or can be an RAN branded T-shirt. Your T-shirt kinda looks like its an RAN shirt so would probably be OK.

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