MTP PLCE Ammunition Pouch

We kick off our detailed study of the MTP PLCE set this week with the ammunition pouch. These pouches are identical to the DPM versions, except in MTP camouflage. As such they consist of two pouches, each of which can hold either three SA80 magazines, a smoke grenade or other odnance the soldier feels he needs to carry:

Unlike the first design of PLCE, this ammunition pouch is identical, regardless of whether is worn on the left or right side of the belt. The top of the pouch shows the ‘A’ type fittings at the top that allow these ambidextrous pouches to work with the yoke, regardless of which side they are on:

Having one pattern of ammunition pouch is obviously beneficial from both a manufacturing and a supply chain position. The rear of the pouch has a pair of belt loops:

Between these two loops are a pair of velcro and lift the dot secured loops, under which are metal t-bars to fasten to the pockets on the rear of the PLCE belt and prevent the pouch from sliding up and down:

The actual pockets of the ammunition pouches are secured with ‘Spanish’ fasteners- a quick release tab that just needs a sharp tug to open it:

Velcro is also fitted to secure the pouch, however as Velcro is quite loud when it is pulled apart, covers are fitted so that the pouch is less secure, but much more silent on opening:

My suspicion is that nine times out of ten the cover is left over the Velcro and soldiers don’t bother with it at all. The Spanish fastener is pretty secure and its one less thing to faff with when gettting magazines out of your pouch.

The label inside the pouches reveals that these were made in 2016:

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