F88 Rifle Sling

When the Australian Army adopted the Steyr Aug as the F88 rifle, they of course also issued a sling to accompany the rifle. This sling was a very simple design, made of a single length of predyed cotton webbing strapping:

This sling attached to the rifle at the butt stock and at the front of the receiver:

One end of the sling had a permenantly attached plastic buckle:

The sling was passed through the rear swivel, then back through the open side of the buckle to secure it:

The sling was then passed through the front swivel:

This then doubled back on itself and was held in position by a pressed black buckle:

Lifting the tab removes pressure from the sling and allows it to be moved through the buckle. This buckle is simply made of two pieces of blackened, stamped and bent sheet metal, much like some types of trouser belt buckles:

The sling was used not only for carrying the rifle, but could also be used as an aid to holding the rifle steady when firing. An alternative, parade, sling was also available that was designed for ceremonial duties.


  1. Hi,
    Your sling is on backwards. The plastic buckle goes to the front and the metal one goes to the butt.

    • Thanks Darren, I copied pictures of an example photographed for the Australian War Memorial website, assuming they would have it correct- clearly I was wrong!

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