The 1990 Pattern PLCE web set has been incredibly successful since its introduction and although it is no longer used in combat, being replaced by systems such as Virtus, it is still used for training and exercises in the United Kingdom. As such, a new order was placed for MTP patterned PLCE and this was delivered between about 2010 and 2016. The set is identical to the DPM set and even less popular components such as the entrenching tool covers were produced:

  1. Yoke
  2. Ammunition Pouches
  3. Utility Pouch
  4. Entenching Tool Cover
  5. Water Bottle Pouch

The set was originally issued with a grey-green belt, however this set has an older style dark green belt, and I am informed that this was commonplace in service to have them mismatched. The components fit on the felt using the tried and tested T-hooks and securing flaps:

This web set is issued with the ECBA body armour and Mk 7 helmet to non-deployed troops whilst Virtus is reserved for deployed units. Over the coming weeks we will look at each of the individual components in greater detail to give a detailed look at this new variation of the venerable set.

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