Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich Postcard

Built between 1776 and 1802 the Royal Artillery barracks overlook Woolwich Common and were built in two halves. The original half was built between 1774 and 1776 and featured a clock tower. When it was found to be too small, it was mirrored with an identical facade to the west but now featuring a wind dial rather than a clock and a central triumphal arch was fitted between the two halves to marry them together:

On the extreme right can be seen the garrison theatre, which was subsequently demolished in the 1950s and a new building erected that mirrored the original eighteenth century building on the left (off camera here). In this image, the main range of buildings and central arch are clearly seen:

In front of the buildings stands the Crimean War Memorial:

Also in the image are a pair of antique artillery pieces, one appears to be a early nineteenth century cannon:

Whilst the other is some sort of short barreled bombard:

The barracks at Woolwich continue to be used by the British Army but sadly are due to be closed in 2028, bringing to an end nearly 200 years of military service on the site. The buildings are listed however so they will survive and if experience is anything to go by will be converted into either government offices or luxury flats.

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