British Army Marked Screwdriver

I am always on the look out for more military marked tools and although spanners come up regularly, other tools are a lot harder to find. Depsite looking out for them for many years, this is the first marked screwdriver I have come across:

This screwdriver is exceptionally well made and very robust. It has been turned from a solid bar of steel that goes right through the handle of the screwdriver, which can be seen at the bottom of the handle:

This is then secured with a metal collar and a rivet through the whole thing. The date of 1944 and a /|\ mark of ownership is stamped here as well:

This screwdriver is of course what would now be referred to as a slotted head. After the war these would be suplemented by cross head screws, known as Phillips, and eventually pozi-head screws but at this period slotted heads were standard for virtually all screws.

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