Australian Joint Task Force Gym Vest

We continue with the Australian posts today with a rather nice gym vest that was privately purchased by an Australian soldier serving with the Middle East Joint Task Force 633:

The badge on the front depicts a scorpion over the Australian flag:

The back of the vest has the land mass of Australia, with the printing again in the form of the Australian flag:

The owner of this vest was attached to the Australian Headquarters in the region.

Australian National Headquarters – Middle East Area of Operations, also subsequently known as Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 (HQ JTF633), was established in 2002, and for several years was dual-assigned to both Operation Catalyst and Operation Slipper “to exercise command and control of deployed Australian Defence Force units”. As of mid-2007 the command was headed by a two-star officer who “commands all ADF units deployed in the Middle East Area of Operations including all elements assigned to Operation Catalyst and Operation Slipper”, under the title of Commander Joint Task Force 633, with a one-star “Deputy Commander of Australian forces in Iraq”. Joint Task Force 633 was officially described as “Australia’s contribution in the Middle East Area of Operations to the Global War on Terror”.

In 2010 the Australian Department of Defence reported:

Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 Provides the in-theatre command and control of all ADF elements deployed throughout the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) on operations SLIPPER and KRUGER. JTF633 is commanded by Major General John Cantwell, AO. HQ JTF 633 (Australian National Headquarters and supporting elements) is located in the United Arab Emirates and provides enabling support and assistance to Australia’s military presence in the Middle East. The UAE’s support in hosting our headquarters contributes to the international campaign against terrorism, as well as countering piracy in the Gulf of Aden, and providing maritime security in the region.

Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 – Afghanistan (HQ JTF 633-A) – Based in the  Afghan capital Kabul, HQ JTF 633-A provides specific command and control of  all ADF elements deployed within the territorial borders of Afghanistan on  behalf of the Commander Joint Task Force 633 (CJTF 633), as well as coordinating  JTF 633’s interface with the ISAF Headquarters.

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