DPM MVP Cold Weather Cap

Previously I have covered the MTP cold weather cap here. Before that cap was issued to soldiers however, a DPM version was also produced. In form this is identical to the MTP pattern, but produced in the earlier camouflage pattern:

Where the MTP version I covered previously was lined in tan artificial fleece, this cap has an internal lining that is black:

The two large flaps that can be worn either up or down have pieces of velcro to secure them in either position:

The internal label indicates that the cap can fit a range of head sizes from 56 to 58cm:

To achieve this size range, a small piece of elastic is sewn into the rear of the cap:

A velcro tab and buckle are also fitted to the back of the crown to allow for size adjustment:

Finally, the peak is stiffened with a piece of wire to allow it to hold its shape in high winds:

These caps seem to have been well liked and certainly seen as an improvement over the ‘dangerous brian’ arctic caps issued during the 1980s and 1990s. That the design was replicated exactly in MTP suggests that it was considered fit for purpose and just needed updating without any major changes in design.

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