The Scots Guards, The King’s Guard Postcard

This week’s postcard is another excellent ‘oilette’ image by the eminent military artist Harry Payne. Here the Scots Guards are seen on parade for the king:

This contingent of the regiment are led by a piper and just visible behind him a drummer boy:

The officer can be seen following, his sword in hand:

Then follows the standard being carried by the standard bearer:

Finally the bulk of the party is made up of guardsmen carrying their rifles at the slope:

The men are wearing whitened Slade Wallace equipment and carrying what appear to be Lee Enfield rifles. From the dress of the civilians in the background this image seems to date from the Edwardian era.

Henry Joseph Payne was born at Newington, London, the son of Joseph and Margaret Sophie Payne. His father was a solicitor’s clerk. He married Susanna Terese Cossins at Camberwell on 16 June 1887 and they had no children.

With his brother, Arthur C. Payne, he produced many series of oilette postcards for Raphael Tuck & Sons and also did extensive work for Gale and Polden producing illustrations for their postcard series along with other military artists including Edgar Alfred Holloway, John McNeill, and Ernest Ibbetson.

In 1898, he and his brother Arthur created a series of chromolithographic and lithographic illustrations for an edition of Robert Browning’s The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Harry Payne was a part time volunteer soldier, serving with the Queen’s Own West Kent Yeomanry. In 1905 he received the Imperial Yeomanry Long Service Medal, he then having the rank of sergeant.

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