Clansman 349 Headset

Happy New Year! We start off this year with the final piece to complete my Clansman 349 radio. Over the last few months I have slowly collected the radio itself, its aerial and a battery for the unit. The final piece is the headset and microphone and we are taking a closer look at this today:

The headset consists of a single headphone and a throat microphone, all designed to be connected to the radio set through a multi pin plug:

The connector at the end of the wiring has a metal plug, with a rotating locking collar:

This attaches to a corresponding female connector on the top of the radio and the collar rotated to lock it in place:

The wiring from this plug passes up to the microphone and headset, via a small control box:

The spring clip allows this to be attached to the user’s webbing and depressing the button allows the microphone to be used to transmit. The microphone itself is a two piece, hinged throat mic that is secured around the neck with an elastic strap:

An NSN stores code is printed on the inside of the microphone itself:

The speaker is a single, rubber piece that sits over one ear:

The headstraps go over the user’s head to secure the headphone in place, the large rubber cup helping to keep out external noise so that the user can better hear the radio transmission even out of doors:

It is fair to say that this headset was not particularly well liked, with one user descriding them as ‘bloody horrible things with a sucking ear wound’. Another user recalls:

I hate the silly clansman squid and always have, plus the throat mike always used to give you a rash.

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