British Artilleryman, Tobruk, 1941

The seige of Tobruk lasted throughout most of 1941 and the small number of 25 pounder guns manned by the Royal Horse Artillery were a key part of the town’s defences. This artilleryman is manning one of these 25 pounders used for counter battery fire. He wears a pair of British made khaki drill shorts, an Indian made aertex shirt, Indian made leather jerkin and South African made steel helmet. He wears standard black ammunition boots, with long khaki socks and webbing anklets, in his hands he holds the shell casing for the 25 pounder gun:

This simple uniform is cool in the North African sun, but the unlined jerkin offers some protection for his clothing from the physical work he is undertaking. The variety of differnet empire countries that made elements of his clothing and equipment is also very typical for North African service where supply lines from across the Empire converged.

  1. Indian made Aertex shirt
  2. British made KD shorts
  3. Indian made unlined leather jerkin
  4. Long khaki socks
  5. Webbing anklets
  6. Ammunition Boots
  7. South African made steel helmet
  8. 25lb shell casing

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