SUIT Sight Pouch

The Sight Unit Infantry Trilux was a designated marksman’s sight that was issued from the mid 1970s onwards for use with the Self Loading Rifle. The sight had a 4x telescopic zoom and used tritium to iluminate the reticle in low light:

The sight was removable from the rifle and could be stored in a small pouch attached to a soldier’s webbing when not in use. This pouch is made of green nylon and takes many of its design elements from the experimental 72/75 pattern and nylon trials 58 pattern webbing produced during the 1970s:

The pouch is sized to fit the sight and has a large box lid to help protect the sight from the elements. This box lid is secured with a quick release fastener which uses a pair of metal loops and a tape tab:

A single drainage hole is provided in the base of the pouch:

To attach the pouch to the soldier’s webbing, a simple belt loop is sewn to the rear:

Interstingly, this belt loop is made of the same sort of seat-belt type material as the strapping in the 72/75 pattern set. I suspect that the two cuts in the loop are to allow a metal ALICE type belt clip to be fitted and used in place of the designed loop.

The SUIT sight pouch is a fairly easy item to pick up, certainly much easier to find and more affordable than the sights themselves! An earlier pattern exists that is made of the same fabric as the 72/75 pattern webbing, with the same black plastic fastener on the front.

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