2nd East Surreys at Chanak Postcard

Three weeks ago I covered a photograph of the Royal Field Artillery at Chanak in Turkey in 1920. That photograph was accompanied by a second image that is described on the rear as depicting the 2nd East Surrey Regiment at Chanak on the 3rd June of that year:

This photograph appears to be taken at the same ceremonial event as the other image and here the regiment can be seen marching in formation:

The men are dressed as one would expect for this time period and location; khaki drill uniforms with Wolseley helmets and 1908 pattern webbing. The formation is led by an officer on horseback:

The same type of formation flag that was seen in the previous image is again here in the foreground:

The 2nd Battalion East Surrey Regiment was deployed to Chanak in May of 1920 and moved to Constantinople in July of that year so this image was taken during this very short stay in the strategic port. It is unclear what exactly the regiment were doing during their stay, but it seems likely that it was mostly a display of power to the Turkish authorities at this stage. If this was the case then parades and exercises such as this one would have been calculated to have a psychological effect on the local population and Turkish authorities to help keep the fragile peace by suggesting that the Turkish forces would be unable to rise up against such an efficient and well drilled military force. Of course this would prove to futile a few years later when the Chanak Crisis erupted.

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