Post War Green LMG Oil Bottle

Up until now my L4 tool kit has had a standard translucent white plastic oil bottle in it. Whilst there is nothing incorrect about this bottle, it dated back to World War II and I had always fancied one of the distinctly post war versions instead to fit in with the time period of the L4 light machine gun. Whilst at a militaria fair recently I stumbled across the later pattern oil bottle and quickly snaffled it up to add to the collection. This oil bottle is identical to the metal wartime bren oil bottles, except it is painted green and has yellow stencilled lettering on it:

The bottle is marked in yellow with its designation, year of manufacture and NSN number:

Otherwise the bottle is perfectly standard. The lid unscrews to reveal the little brush used for precisely applying the oil:

The brush is attached to a brass ferule which in turn is fastened to the lid which is knurled on the outside to make it easier to tighten and loosen if it’s a little greasy from the oil:

This oil bottle is certainly more uncommon than the wartime plain metal and plastic variations, so it has been nice to be able to update my L4 cleaning kit with this variation which complements it nicely.

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