Anti Aircraft Gun Tool Roll

I have a number of interesting tool rolls in my collection, unfortunately finding a list of what should be carried within them and where each piece goes is a little harder to find so I am afraid i have very little information to go with this tool roll:

It is made of heavy duty canvas and the fact that it is secured with a leather strap makes me suspect it is earlier rather than later in date. The strap is rivetted to the reverse side of the roll:

The roll is undone and laid out to gain access to the contents:

A leather reinforcing panel is sewn across the middle of the roll and all the pockets and compartments for the contents are on one side:

The other side of the roll, the lid in effect, is stamped up with its use:

It is hard to make out but this indicates it is for use with the 4.5 and 3.7 inch anti aircraft guns. The tools would have been used to maintain and service these weapons and if anyone has information on exactly what was in the roll please let me know as it wuld make an interesting project to try and find all the bits.

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