Boot Measuring Stick

It was recognised by military authorities that having correctly fitting boots was essential to ensure soldiers did not get foot problems whilst marching. Officially men were supposed to be measured and carefully fitted with boots, although in reality men were often just given a pair of boots in ‘their size’. If feet were to be measured though a wooden measuring stick was used:

This is made of box wood and has a ruler running down the long bar. The end bar is fixed and the other paddle is free to move up and down:

The moveable paddle is attached to a brass spring that prevents it from sliding at will:

The required size of the boot is read off from the side bar. In case the user wasn’t sure of this, it is marked on the side:

The base of the stick has more information including the official designation:

It also says that the stick is made of box wood and there is a /|\ mark:

The 1914 Clothing Regulations give detailed instructions on how to use the stick to measure a soldier’s feet:

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