Clansman PRC 349 Radio Aerial

Continuing my project to build up a complete Clansman 349 personal radio set, the next component I have added to the set is the aerial. This is a removable whip like aerial, approximately two feet in length:

The base of the aerial is thicker than the main portion and includes a screw thread that matches up with the receiver itself:

This screws in to provide a secure connection, but is easily undone and removed when needed:

As the aerial can get in the way, it is flexible to be bent over and tucked into the side pocket of the radio’s carrying pouch:

Returning to the aerial itself, the base has the aerial’s NSN number moulded into it:

There is a slightly thicker portion half way up the aerial:

And a top piece that allows the end of the aerial to be more easly seen:

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