First Army Newspaper

When serving overseas it was often difficult to get regular and up to date copies of British newspapers so soldiers quickly became out of touch with current affairs. This lack of knowledge was frustrating for the men themselves and the lack of reliable news allowed rumours to spread which the army recognised as being bad for morale. With this being the case, simple single sheet newspapers were often produced at a local level with a mix of stories designed to entertain and inform the troops. Produced on a very small scale, they were read and passed onto other troops and few survive to this day. Today however we are looking at one such example produced for the 1st Army:

The banner at the top of the page incorporates the 1st Army’s divisional badge and indicates that this newsletter dates to December 1942:

The stories within the news sheet are varied, so we have a small update on the North African campaign:

Details of the French in Tunisia:

And news from other theatres such as what was happening in Burma at this time:

Finally on the front is a set of information on how copies of the newsletter might be obtained:

The rear of the newspaper has more text, including part of an ongoing short story that seems to have been published over a number of issues:

Alongside this and news of the Russian front is a piece encouraging the men to purchase National Savings:

Finally, and perhaps of most interest to the men, is a report that a large consignment of mail has been received from home:

This little newspaper is very simple and has only the briefest of stories within it, but it would have been welcomed and read avidly by the men of the First Army serving in North Africa.

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