British Army Plasters

Sometimes the oddest of items turn up that I add to my collection, and today’s object is certainly an odd ball item to pick up- the seller gave me a very odd look as I handed over my 50p to buy a British Army packet of plasters! This set of plasters comes in a small greaseproof paper packet:

Originally the packet held six plasters, but there are only two remaining now. I suspect that this originally came in a small personal first aid kit, as six different plasters is fine for a personal supply, but would get used up very quickly in a shared first aid box.

The front of the packed is printed up with a broad arrow mark and a NATO stock number and the date stamped on it indicates it was produced in 1969:

Although nearly destroyed now, the brand name ‘Elastoplast’ can just be made out at the top of the packet.

This sort of object just doesn’t survive normally as it is essentially worthless and if it wasn’t used for its original purpose would just have been thrown out as rubbish in most cases, so the fact that this one survived makes it a lovely little addition to the collection, even if I did get a funny look off the seller.

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