39 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier

The 39 pattern webbing closely copied the earlier 37 pattern design, but in leather rather than webbing. Some components were closer in design to their predecessors than others and the water bottle carrier was a very close copy of the early 37 pattern design:

The leather is russet in colour and is patterned with a cross grain. The carrier is made of 3/4″ and 1″ straps rivetted together with brass pop rivets:

Two 1″ brass twigg buckles are attached, one to either side to allow it to be connected to the rest of the set:

One change from the webbing version is that the securing strap goes over the top of the bottle and secure with a brass stud rather than a popper:

The carrier is very faintly marked on the inside of the leather ‘BHG’ and dated 1940:

BHG is the mark of Barrow, Hepburn and Gale. This company, still in existence today, can trace its history back to the eighteenth century and by the mid twentieth century was one of the biggest tanners and leather manufacturers in the country. One of its tanneries in Bermondsey was destroyed in the blitz, but the company continued manufacture from its other premises. Today the company is most famous for producing the red dispatch boxes used by MPs in parliament.

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