No 16 Hand Microphone

A very long time ago I covered the No3 hand microphone on the blog here. Today we are looking at another hand held microphone, but this time a No16:

This microphone is completeley unissued and arrived in a small cardboard stores box, with its designation indicated by a small label sellotaped to the exterior:

The microphone is wrapped in waxed paper to protect it from moisture:

In order to fit the microphone and its cable in the box, the wire is tightly wound around the handle:

As far as I can tell, what distinguishes this microphone from the No3 is the plug on the end of it, which is made of black bakelite and has four female connection sockets:

To use the microphone, a switch on the side of the handle needs to be depressed when speaking, and this is indicated on the button in white lettering:

The microphone’s stores code, with the usual ZA prefix for wireless items, is marked on the rear in white paint:

I have been trying to identify the radio this was used with and it has been suggested that it will work with the 18 set, 62 set and the remote units of the 22 set. I am not sure how common these microphones are, however I won mine for 99p on eBay and a few days later the seller had listed another example so it is possible a small number of unissued examples have recently surfaced.

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