Bowman Keyboard Display Unit Pouch

One feature that can be attached to the current Bowman personal radio is a small keyboard unit:

This unit did not fit neatly inside the usual radio pouches for the Bowman PRR, so during the War on Terror a seperate hardshell pouch was developed to carry this little radio accessory. It was produced by PRI in the then standard issue desert DPM camouflage to accompany the Osprey body armour:

As the keyboard must be removed to be used, a webbing tab is fitted into the pouch that allows the contents to be raised up for easy access just by pulling on it:

To give maximum flexibility in the pouch’s attachment, the rear has a beltloop, secured with lift the dot fasteners:

Under this are both a plastic T-Bar to allow the pouch to be worn on a PLCE belt and a PALS ladder strap to allow it to be used with a MOLLE system:

As there is a risk of buttons being accidently pressed when a soldier goes prone when wearing this pouch, a black hardshell inner is fitted to the pouch to offer some cushioning:

This is secured in with Velcro and has to be removed before the label can be read:

I do not currently have any Bowman radios of accessories beyond the specialist webbing produced for it. As this radio is still in service, prices on the surplus market are high. The British Army are due to replace this system shortly so it is possible prices will drop down, but as Bowman itself was eleven years overdue when it replaced Clansman, I won’t be holding my breath!

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