Warm Weather Socks

With so much of the British Army’s twenty first century deployments being to particularly hot parts of the world, it should be unsuprising that specialist warm weather socks are available to troops. Good footcare is important in any climate, but high temperatures require additional measures. In the desert temperatures are high during the day and cold during the night so sweat which accumulates during the hot periods, rapidly cools the body once those temperatures drop. In order to mitigate this, warm weather socks are designed to draw sweat away from the feet and to act as thermal insulation to keep the feet warm at night. The British army warm weather socks come in a small plastic stores bag:

The socks themselves are produced in a sand colour and have an elasticated top to them:

The socks are joined together with a stores label with details of the materials used in their construction, sizing and an NSN number:

British soldiers, being soldiers, have had a number of heated debates on forums as to which are the best issue socks and the consensus seems to be that the best are arctic socks, closely followed by the warm weather or desert variety. One soldier observed:

I’m currently wearing the very nice white/beige ones I got issued for Telic. Very comfy and damn warm to boot. Best socks I’ve ever been issued, a lot better than the black ones.

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