RAF Kit Layout Poster

A traditional part of military training is the kit inspection. In this the recruit lays out his kit on his bunk, neatly and in the correct orientation and this is then reviewed and scored by the training team. The idea is to encourage good personal administration- if you can take care of your kit to a high standard in base, there is a good chance you will take good care of it and yourself in the field- as well as encouraging a good eye for detail as the smallest transgressions lose marks.

It is, of course, not expected that a new recruit will know exactly how to set out his kit; so posters are put up on the walls of the barrack room to guide the soldier, seaman or airman in the setting out of his kit and today we are looking at one of these posters from an early 1950s RAF barrack room:

The bottom of the poster has the printer’s code which dates this to 1953:

The poster shows two different set up for a kit display, with accoutrements:

and without:

This poster was displayed in a barrack room for those training to be RAF policemen, so the officer has added a typed addition for further information and changers specific to this unit:

Interstingly I am told by a friend that his company supplied a slightly modified version of this poster for the TV show ‘Bad Lads’ Army’ which was displayed in the recreated barracks for the young men to copy. This poster is absolutely fantastic and it would be a crying shame for it to remain folded in a drawer, so I am going to look into getting it framed so it can be enjoyed.

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