Northern Ireland Radio Pouch

A few years back I covered the Northern Ireland chest webbing, and at the time I mentioned that there were four press studs on one of the shoulder straps that allowed a radio pouch to be attached. It might have taken a few years, but I have now added this radio pouch to the collection and fitted it to my chest webbing set:

The pouch itself is a small, rectangular cordua nylon pouch in DPM camouflage print:

It is designed to hold a number of different personal radios and so has a pair of press studs and tabs on each side to allow the size to be adjusted:

By securing these on one side only a Clansman 349 can be carried (albeit akwardly):

In order to access the controls of the radio, a flap is provided on one side, secured with Velcro:

It must be said that this does not work brilliantly with the Clansman as the controls are in a different place, even though the pouch was definitely designed to allow this radio to be used as one of the options. An adjustable top strap is fitted to hold the radio in place:

On the rear face of the pouch are the four press studs used to attach it to the chest webbing:

The stores label is also attached to the rear, dating this example to 1992:

I suspect that this pouch was originally designed to accomodate the new Bowman radio system that the army had started to try and procure in 1989. This system took until 2000 to come into service, so the older Clansman carried on in service and thus had to be accomodated in this pouch, even though it is an uncomfortable fit at best.

UPDATE: Darren Pyper has added this information on the pouch:

Yes it can hold clansman. But the pouch was designed for a number of systems. Including personal ECM but mainly for a system called cougar net a secure radio system.By the time pouches like this where out clansman was in limited use in op banner it had been superseded by a whole range of radios know as “cougar net” these were secure and I think frequency agile radios so the military could communicate real time with the chances of being eavesdropped by terrorists with airband radio eliminated

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