Canadian Combat Coat Liner

A few weeks ago we looked at the Canadian combat coat, and in that post I mentioned that a liner could be added to the jacket to increase its protection against extreme cold weather. Tonight we are looking at that coat liner and for those of us used to British liners, this is quite a departure from the quilted dark green garment we usually see in the UK:

The liner is made in a much lighter shade of green and lacks the distinctive criss-cross stitching of British patterns. The liner has a series of buttons on securing tapes sewn around the edges that allow it to be buttoned into the coat itself:

The cuffs are of the elasticated knitted pattern, and again feature a button to connect them to the sleeve so they don’t ride up as the garment is taken on or off:

Like the coat itself, the liner has a pair of labels, with one showing details of sizing, NSN number and date of manufacture:

The second label is a bilingual one in French and English and gives care instructions:

When combined with the coat, the pair of garments are sufficient to protect a man to temperatures as low as ten degrees farenheit, which is equivelant to -12 degrees celsius.

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