Royal Engineers Lieutenant Impression, South East Asia, 1945

It is July 1945 and although the war has ended in Europe, in the Far East the conflict continues. This Royal Engineers lieutenant is taking a breather with a cup of hot sweet ‘char’. Most of his uniform and equipment is Indian made by this point, including the jungle green battledress, JG webbing, mess tin and water bottle, his anklets and even his mug. His jungle hat and machete are British made, as is his newly issued No5 ‘jungle carbine’.

Laid out the kit comprises:

  1. Indian made jungle green battledress trousers
  2. Indian made jungle green battledress blouse
  3. British made jungle side hat
  4. Indian made 37 pattern webbing, dyed jungle green.
  5. Indian made green enamelled mug
  6. Indian made aluminium mess tin
  7. British made machete
  8. Indian made water bottle
  9. Indian made anklets
  10. No 5 Jungle Carbine
  11. Ammunition Boots (replica)


  1. Outstanding! Just a small point, your boot laces look very loose and ‘thick and hairy’. Try removing them and pulling them repeatedly through a cloth with a lump of black boot polish. This will stretch and smooth the laces making them easier to thread through the lace holes. You should tie a knot in the end of the lace then thread through ladder fashion ending up by wrapping the remainder around the ankle to be covered by the webbing anklets or puttees.

    • There are squared laced already, but not Straight bar(Lydia Laced). Real ladder lacing is time consuming and showy for parade grounds and 21st century kids sneakers.

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