HMS Charger Polo Shirt

HMS Charger is one of the smallest ships in the Royal Navy, being a P2000 patrol boat, displacing just 54 tonnes. She is used to provide training for members of the Liverpool University URNU (University Royal Navy Unit). As is quite common, however, items of clothing have been made for those attached to her to wear, bearing the ship’s badge on them. Today we have a light blue polo shirt that would have been purchased by one of the students who undertook training on board:

The ship’s badge is intricately embroidered and appropriately features a knight’s charger as the emblem:

In 2011 HMS Charger deployed to the Baltic, visiting ports in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and transiting both the Caledonian and Kiel Canals. The ship is affiliated to the Cumbrian town of Maryport and regularly visits the town during deployments and for Remembrance Day ceremonies. In 2012, the ship’s frequent visits to Preston resulted in the ship being formally adopted by the people of Preston. In 2013, Charger, became the first Royal Navy vessel in the 21st century to make the journey up the River Weaver to Northwich.

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