Admiralty Buildings Postcard

This week’s postcard depicts the famour parade ground at Horse Guards, and the magnificent Admiralty Building that faces onto the parade ground:

In the foreground can be seen the Guards marching on ceremonial parade:

The building behind is the main focus of the postcard however. Today this building is known as the Admiralty Extension and it is the largest of the Admiralty buildings. It was started in the late 19th century to accomodate the extra offices needed by the naval staff as the arms race with Germany built up. The building itself is made of red brick with white stone Queen Anne style detailing:

The building was used by the Admiralty until the 1960s when it was taken over by the Foreign Office who remained there until 2016 when the Department for Education took over.

To the right of the postcard can just be seen the edge of Horse Guards itself:

Horse Guards Parade and the buildings around it remain an important part of Britain’s military, political and ceremonial infrastructure to this day, just as they were when this postcard was sold to a tourist in the 1920s and visitors today still flock to the parade ground to watch the pagentry of the nation as they did then.

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