MTP ECBA Body Armour Cover

Following the terror attacks in Manchester in 2017, British troops were deployed onto the streets of London amongst other areas. One interesting feature is that the men patrolling the capital were wearing the older pattern ECBA body armour, but in MTP camouflage rather than the more common DPM and DDPM camouflages:

The older pattern of body armour has a number of advantages over the Osprey and Virtus body armours we have been used to seeing being worn by troops deployed overseas. It is lighter and more comfortable and as the risk of being shot or blown up is minimal in the UK it is more than adequate protection for most home based threats. Up until recently the MTP ECBA cover has been quite hard to find on the surplus market, but in the last year or two they have been becoming steadily more available and I have recently been able to pick up an example for the collection:

We have covered the ECBA in both its earlier iterations before, as well as looking at the filler and plates, so this is familiar territory.

Mounted over the heart on the front of the chest is a pocket to hold a ballistic plate, note the two straps over the bottom corners to help reinforce this area:

A strap is attached to this to allow a rank slide to be mounted:

The front of the vest secures with two strips of velcro and a single press stud at the top:

The rear of the ECBA cover is a single piece:

A second pocket is provided over the heart on the rear for a second ballistic plate:

The flap of the pocket is secured with Velcro. The sides of the vest are adjustable with a pair of straps on each side that go through a buckle and back on itself, secured with a piece of Velcro:

There is a zip across the top on the inside that allows the filler to be inserted:

A label with sizing is sewn into the back of the cover:

With massive quantities of ECBA in store, it is likely to remain in service for some years to come, even if its time on the frontline has come to an end.

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