Canadian Army Fur Lined Cap

A few years ago we looked at at a Canadian Army ‘Yukon’ hat here. Today we are looking at another example of this cap, but with a black fur lining to the ear flaps and peak:

This fur seems to be something like seal, and is particularly soft and fine and would presumably keep the wearer’s head nice and warm. I am not sure if the cap was made with the fur lining, or if this was a later adition. This type of fur lining seems quite common across a variety of Commonwealth winter caps and can be seen in both World Wars and The Korean War, so if it was a local adaptation it was a recognised and semi-official one:

The two side flaps are secured on the crown by a pair of brown cotton tapes that tie together:

These can be undone and with the ear flaps folded down they become a chin strap:

The similarity between this cap and the earlier version, without fur lining, become very apparent when they are placed side by side:

Unlike the other cap however, which was made by the Buffalo Cap Company, this hat was produced in 1943 by the Brill Company:

The large crow’s foot in a ‘C’ is the Canadian Army’s acceptance stamp. Unfortunately this cap has suffered a little damage to the fur on the front peak, whether it should have a cap badge like my other cap is also unclear; if I can find some photos of them in service with badges attached, I will certainly look into getting one to finish it off.

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