Photograph of HMS Cockade, 1948

This week’s photograph is an official image taken by a Royal Navy photographer and as such we are lucky enough to have a description, date and place. This image shows HMS Cockade in Falmouth Bay on the 26th June 1948:

The ship is making a sharp turn and her wake can be clearly seen behind:

My guess is she is undergoing some sort of trial, or exercise, hence why the Royal Navy would bother with an official photograph. An unidentified battleship is moored to the left of the photograph:

I suspect that this is a King George V Class battleship, but exactly which one is unclear.

Cockade commissioned too late to see service in the Second World War. After the war she was allocated the pennant number D34. She served in the post-war Royal Navy, initially sailing to the Far East, exercising off Hong Kong in 1946. She subsequently saw service in the Korean War, acting as escorts for the Royal Navy aircraft carriers and providing shore bombardment capability. Whilst there she also visited Singapore and Japan.

In early 1957, Cockade took part in the Malayan Emergency as part of the 8th Destroyer Squadron. On 26 April, during night exercises, a star shell fired by Cockade landed in a gun bay on the Australian destroyer HMAS Tobruk, killing one seaman and severely wounding another. Later in 1957 Cockade was stationed at Hong Kong.
Cockade returned to Plymouth from the Far East in 1958 and decommissioned for the last time. The destroyer was laid up at Devonport in reserve pending disposal. Following her decommissioning Cockade was sold in September 1964 to John Cashmore Ltd for breaking up at Newport, Wales.

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