PLCE Ammunition Pouches

The PLCE ammunition pouches were another of the components that saw updates due to user feedback and they formalised some of the unofficial changes that soldiers had already been making to their webbing in the previous few years. Although made in small numbers in olive green, the vast majority of the modified PLCE ammunition pouches on the surplus market are those in the DPM camouflage:

The new pattern had been introduced in 1991 and production in DPM started in 1992. Some of the major changes were to make the ammunition pouches interchangeable, so they no longer needed a right and left handed pair and to improve the way they were mounted on the belt. This change is most obvious on the rear:

The single brass C-Hook has been replaced with a pair of metal and later plastic T-Bar fasteners that link into the pockets on the back of the belt to prevent the pouches from slipping around:

The angled brass loop to attach to the yoke has been replaced with a pair of plastic triangular tabs:

These tabs allow the pouch to be worn on either side and so makes the production and issue of amunition pouches a little easier.

The other big change made to the pouches was the deletion of the inner partition. Soldiers had already been cutting these out as by doing so and placing the magazines in sideways they could get an extra magazine in each pouch, or 120 extra rounds across the whole set. The deletion of the partitions also allowed other ordnance such as smoke grenades to be carried:

Each pouch, however, retains the same Spanish type fastener as the earlier pattern:

Between each of the two ammunition pouches is a tape loop and a female Fastex buckle:

This buckle is used when the rucksack yoke is worn and allows it to be clipped to the two front pouches. A further tape loop is sewn to the sides of the pouches to allow a piece of paracord or a bunjee to be threaded through and used to stop ‘pouch bounce’:

A single stores label is sewn under one of the two top flaps:

This particular example dates from 2007 and it is worth noting that the nomenclature has changed to indicate that they are a universal ammunition pouch.

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  1. I used to keep a perfectly fitting 330ml insulated flask (Highlander/Webtex) inside. Huge morale boost when being woken up to stag-on at silly o’clock in the morning.

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