When the rest of the PLCE webbing equipment was updated into DPM in 1992, the yoke of course followed suit and was produced in the new camouflage pattern:

In all other respects however, it was identical to the earlier olive green pattern, so it retains the padded shoulder straps, albeit in DPM:

And the back portion is still made of mesh to help reduce overheating to the wearer:

The reverse of this section has the stores label (long washed out in this example) and a panel to write a name and number on:

Fitting the yoke could be a little involved, as described in the fitting instructions for what is referred to as the ‘1990 Pattern’ webset:

To attach the yoke main to the waist belt.

  • Thread the two 20mm lower straps on the reverse of the yoke through the two corresponding links on the top of the mid back section of the waist belt.
  • Now thread the straps back through the 20mm ladder lock buckles in the lower position on the reverse of the yoke main.

Greater security can be achieved by tucking the loose strap ends through the top of the 20mm ladder lock buckle.

The front 25mm straps are attached to the ammunition pouch, utility pouch or the loop strap fasteners.

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