Royal Engineers Jungle Shoulder Rank Slides

Over the last month I seem to have had a sudden influx of jungle related militaria and we continue tonight by looking at a couple of pairs of jungle green officer’s rank slides from the end of the Second World War. These pairs are from a Royal Engineers Lieutenant:

The practice of sewing rank badges onto jungle green shoulder strap sleeves had been going on unofficially for quite some time when it was officially sanctioned in January 1944 when officers were informed, “Ordnance will provide the following…on payment; embroidered khaki badges of rank; embroidered black shoulder titles and standard size shoulder strap sleeves in khaki or olive green cellular.” Officers were reminded that “no departure from Ordnance standard pattern will be permitted.” These two pairs seem to more or less follow the official pattern and have the two pips of a lieutenant embroidered on, with the letter RE for the Royal Engineers:

Variations on the pips exist, with some titles having more of a ‘cross pattee’ type of insignia, rather than the straight armed crosses used here. The slides themselves are a simple piece of fabric, sewn along the back to make an angled tube:

These slides were used for a number of years after the war in conflicts such as the Malayan Emergency. I have found a home for these two pairs on a 1950 pattern jungle green bush jacket and a wartime Indian made jungle green aertex battledress blouse:

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