Royal Navy Pay Book

It is sometimes forgotten that the Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy and as such you sometimes come across Royal Navy paperwork with army style ranks written on them. One such example is this Royal Navy pay book that is named to a major in the Royal Marines:

Major Higson would retire as a colonel in the Royal Marines in 1977, acting as Aide de Campe to Queen Elizabeth II in 1976 and died in 2016 and is seen here as a captain with Jerry Day:

The paybook has space for a national insurance number and gives details of ratings’ pay (although Major Higson was clearly not one of these!):

Inside is the officer’s payments from 1967:

There is also a section where the officer received cash payments (presumably the rest was saved). This also reveals that Major Higson was a member of 43 Commando:

Major Higson was receiving about £200 every three months in 1967 which allowing for inflation is equivelant to about £3560 today, or a salary of £14240 an annum. Today a Major in the Royal Marines actually earns about £54000 a year so his salary has increased far beyond what pure inflation would predict.

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