51 Pattern Supporting Straps

My thanks go to Simon Moore tonight who has helped me add another component to my Canadian 51 pattern web set, the supporting straps. These are a simple pair of 1″ wide webbing straps that exactly mirror the pieces used in both the 08 and 37 pattern webbing systems, except they are predyed in the distinctive green shade of the Canadian 51 pattern set:

These straps have a brass Twigg buckle at one end:

And a brass chape at the other:

These were often chemically blackened on Canadian 51 pattern webbing, but in this case are brass and although the blackening might have worn off, there are no traces in the hard to reach areas so I suspect they were manufactured like this.

The straps are used with the large pack to allow L-straps to be attached and to help distribute its weight. The straps are attached at the top of the large pack to a pair of buckles:

They then cross over the main body of the pack, pass through two loops on the base of the haversack and attach to the ends of the L-Straps:

The crossing supporting straps can also be used to help secure items to the back of the pack, frequently the helmet.

My thanks go to Simon for helping me add these straps and I highly recommend you check out his YouTube channel ‘Rifleman Moore’ where he has hundreds of fascinating videos, including a great couple on the Canadian 51 pattern set of webbing.

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