Desert Trouser Belt

As so often seems to be the case, my thanks go to Michael Whittaker for passing me tonight’s item, a British Army trouser belt:

This belt is specifically designed to be worn with a pair of trousers and replaces the myriad array of belts that were commonly used up until this time which included belts from webbing sets such as that from the PLCE, the venerable 58 pattern set or even the old 37 pattern belt that was used by one or two soldiers. Presumably it was felt that some sort of consistency was required and so a specific belt for wear with combat trousers was developed and issued to troops The new belt was made of sand coloured nylon and copies the PLCE belt very closely, but does not have the two metal loops on the rear of the belt, which are of course superfluous on a trouser belt:

The belt is secured with a large black plastic Nexus buckle:

The length of the belt is adjustable with a blackened metal c-hook at one end and a series of loops to allow it to be positioned anywhere on the belt:

A label with details, stores code and contract number is sewn to the underside of one end:

These belts can be commonly seen being worn by troops when they are not wearing a webset, such as here where two sailors both have the belt on:

The belts were offered in three different sizes, as recorded in the stores catalogue:

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