Indian Made KD Shorts

I have been after a pair of Indian KD shorts for some time now and so I was very pleased when a friend directed me to a pair on Huddersfield market a few months ago. This pair of shorts is interesting in that they share many characteristics with British produced shorts, but with a number of subtle differences reflecting the country of manufacture.

The shorts are made of khaki drill fabric and conform to the British first pattern shorts as the first field dressing pouch is not attached to the front right of the shorts:

Instead the FFD pocket is over the right buttock and is of the early design with a single expansion pleat and no button:

The shorts have belt loops and an adjustable waist with two buckles, each removable:

The original buckles were missing so I have replaced them with a couple of brass buckles I had in stock- they are not the correct pattern but they do serve to stop the shorts from falling down! The buttons securing the buckles are of the stamped zinc type frequently seen on Indian clothing:

Interestingly the fly buttons are a mixture of brass and this stamped zinc:

Presumably some have been replaced at one point or another after they have fallen off! The shorts have a pair of slash pockets, one on each hip:

The date of manufacture, 1944, is stamped onto the rear waist band of the shorts, note also just below it the sizing- in this case a size 5:

The acceptance stamp is a little harder to find but is on the inside of the shorts on the rear of one of the pockets:

There were myriad variations of KD shorts in service during the Second Word War, of both official patterns and sets made up by bazaar tailors. This pair is a nice representative example of Indian manufacture and fills an important gap in my collection.

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