DPM Windproof Field Jacket

With the large number of variants in material that British Army field jackets can be found in, it is perhaps unsurprising that I keep finding examples I have not covered on the blog before. So far I have covered the fire resistant, ripstop and windproof variants in desert DPM and the ripstop variant in DPM. One version I was surprised to find I had not covered was the standard windproof field jacket in DPM and tonight that is what we are looking at:

The jacket is made of a closely woven cotton and follows the standard cut of these garments, having a large pair of buttoned bellows pockets on the skirts:

A second pair of patch pockets are sewn on the breast, next to them are a pair of vertical zipped pockets:

The inside of one of the pockets has loops for pens, as can be seen by the rows of stitching inside the jacket:

As with most post 95 designs, rank is worn on the chest with a single rank slide:

The waist of the jacket is adjustable with a drawstring on the inside:

The cuffs are secured using a Velcro tab:

As ever a care label with sizing information is sewn into the jacket:

These field jackets seem to have been a popular enough garment and saw service throughout the peacekeeping work in Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia, generally speaking it seems soldiers preferred the windproof fabric to the rip stop, even if it was not particularly robust. These jackets still remain very common and I am sure I will continue to find more variations of fabric and cut going forward…however I am not intending to end up with quite as many as one friend of mine who is approaching three figures for the number of smocks in his collection!

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