Mk 6 Helmet Nape Protector

For service in Northern Ireland, the British Army issued an upgrade kit for the standard MK 6 helmet that converted it into something more suitable for dealing with rioting. The IS (internal security) pack consisted of a Perspex see through visor that could be folded down to protect the wearer’s eyes or lifted up when not needed and a nape protector to protect the back of the neck.

The back of the neck was vulnerable as there was an unprotected section below the helmet but above the collar where a man could be struck with a blunt object or where a projectile could hit and injure him. The nape protector is also fireproof and so prevents burning liquids such as petrol bombs from pouring down a soldier’s neck.

The nape protector was a piece of padded heavy duty green nylon, with a wire stiffener along its bottom edge:

Stitched ribs held the protector together and added further stiffness to it:

The nape protector was secured within the helmet with strips of Velcro, which married up with their counterparts on the inside of the helmet shell:

A label was of course attached with NSN number, year of manufacture and contract number:

Photographs can be seen of soldiers wearing these nape protectors whilst serving in Northern Ireland:

These protectors seem to have been first manufactured around 1986, just as the first MK 6 helmets were coming into service and production continued until at least 1999 as evidenced by my example.

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