Thermos Carrier

Traditionally a thermos flask had a glass liner that made it fragile. Although very useful at keeping liquids hot, a thermos on its own was too likely to break to see service unprotected in the military. In the 1970s and 1980s therefore and insulated container was produced to place the thermos in and can be seen in this photograph of arctic equipment:

The carrier is a green cylinder with a removable lid and a carrying strap to allow it to be slung over the shoulder:

The strap goes around the carrier, keeping the top and bottom parts from being separated and lost:

And passing right under the base of the carrier so that the whole weight of the flask is supported:

The lid of the carrier is secured with two fabric tabs, each with a press stud:

Opening the carrier shows the white foam used to protect the flask and offer extra insulation:

This is repeated in the lid, but the foam is cut to accommodate the narrower shape of the flask’s lid which doubles as a cup, as well as having a cut out for this cup’s handle:

The carrier is marked up to indicate it was manufactured in 1986:

The design of this carrier seems heavily influenced by a Canadian design from the 1950s and the carrier was to remain in service until the advent of more modern flasks in the late 1990s that were no longer made of glass so didn’t need to be protected in the same way.

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