Hi-Vis Mk 7 Helmet Cover

Whilst there were many different helmet covers produced for the MK 6 helmet, there were far fewer patterns used with the MK 7 during its period in service. Previously we have covered the standard MTP camouflage version here, and tonight we look at its almost complete opposite. Whilst normally the aim is to conceal the wearer, a hi visibility yellow helmet cover was also produced:imageThese covers were used in a number of situations where for safety it was essential the wearer was visible. Range staff might be issued them to ensure all fires could see the safety personnel, but far more commonly they were used when troops were marching on public roads in combination with hi-vis rucksack covers to prevent drivers from hitting a column of marching men on the road.

The cover was packaged in a small plastic bag:imageA stores label is stuck to the outside of the bag with a barcode, stores code and description printed on it:imageThis is repeated on the internal label:imageThe cover is a simple cloth bag, with a string around the bottom edge to draw it tight around the helmet shell:imageThe helmet cover is made in yellow, with a broad reflective strip surrounding the whole cover. There is obviously no need for camouflage loops, but the distinctive tab and press stud for securing items to the helmet is retained:imageThese helmet covers are ridiculously cheap on the surplus market, this example cost me just £1, and whilst they are of limited utility as a collector it is always nice to have a full collection of all variations so I have been pleased to add another one to my collection.

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