Boer War Teapot Stand

We have covered a lot of commemorative China from the First World War on the blog over the years and these items still crop up occasionally to add to the collection. Of course there was another war fought by the British fifteen years previously in South Africa and this conflict also saw a selection of commercially produced commemorative ware produced for sale to the public. These pieces were just as popular as their later counterparts, but do not come up for sale with the same regularity so I was very pleased recently to be able to add my first piece of Boer War commemorative China to my collection in the form of a tea pot stand:

This has a couple of nice transfer designs on it, at the top is a stylised crest with Lord Roberts in the centre, the crest being flanked by a pair of soldiers:

The soldier on the left is clearly meant to be a colonial as he is wearing a slouch hat, whilst the man on the right is a volunteer from England. Both are dressed in khaki and carry Long Lee Enfield rifles. The motto along the bottom has suffered over the years but should read “colonies” “supporters of the Empire” “volunteers”. Opposite this motif is a wreath with the names of the different British commanders and war heroes in:

This transfer design seems to have been very popular and other examples I have seen have it marked on cups and saucers, bon-bon dishes and mugs amongst other things. In all cases the pieces were made by a company called Foley Wileman and they seem to have been the owners of this particular design. Although this piece is a little worn, for a 118 year old item of porcelain it is remarkable it has survived at all and is a great addition to the collection. Now is there a matching tea pot…

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