Universal Cleaning Kit

The British Army uses a wide variety of small arms, the SA80 rifle in 5.56mm, the GPMG in 7.62, Glocks in 9mm, 40mm grenade launchers and even some shotguns for shooting out door locks when entering compounds. Each of these weapons has its own cleaning kit with different brushes, pull throughs and tools. Recently however a universal weapons cleaning kit has started to see service that incorporates the correct brushes etc. to allow all these firearms to be cleaned. Produced by H&K, the L47A1 ‘Cleaning Kit, Universal’ is issued in an MTP Cordua nylon pouch:imageOpening the pouch up, it can be seen that there is a selection of elasticated loops and velcroed pockets to allow the different cleaning brushes to be carried:imageTo prevent items being lost in the field, the edges of the pouch are elasticated so items dropped back into the pouch won’t go missing when it is rolled up, even if they have not been put into the loops:imageThe pouch itself has a label indicating it was made by Heckler and Koch in 2011, along with the British Army NSN number:imageThis set is almost complete, but there are still plenty of spare loops to allow soldiers to add their own pieces if needed:imageTaken out of the pouch it can be seen that the set has a variety of chamber and bore brushes, a multi piece cleaning rod, wire pull through, oil in a sprayer bottle and a wire brush:imageThe full list of contents reads:imageWhilst the reverse of the instruction leaflet shows where to place each piece in the pouch:imageThis cleaning kit seems pretty comprehensive and well thought out and I can imagine it would have been popular with many. It should have a small detachable field pouch to allow a cut down set of cleaning equipment to be carried in the field, but this feature is sadly missing from my example. The spray pump oil bottle seems a definite improvement over the old type and would allow oil to be directed to exactly where it is needed rather than using a piece of pull through to try and smear it in the right direction. This kit was picked up for £10 at Haworth WW2 weekend a few months back and as they usually fetch over £40 for a full complete set I feel I did rather well.

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