Gordons Bringing in a Wounded German Postcard

Returning British troops with captured enemy prisoners seem to have been a popular topic for the Daily Mail’s series of war postcards in World War One. These images instantly conveyed the idea of victory and the cheerful Tommy overcoming the enemy and tonight we have an example entitled ‘Gordons’ Bringing in a Wounded Prisoner’:SKM_C30819043011190 - CopyThe Gordons are of course the Gordon Highlanders and again Scottish regiments were a popular choice for postcard manufacturers with the traditional Scottish dress of the kilt being seen as more exotic than the drab khaki worn by other troops:SKM_C30819043011190 - Copy - CopyThis was a continuation of the Victorian interest in all things Scottish, when the Royal Family’s love of the highlands, tartan and traditional Scottish garb had been copied by the public at large.

The German prisoner rest so an wheeled stretcher cart, the single pair of wheels being at the balance point in the centre to allow it to be pushed along by a single man much like a costermonger’s barrow:SKM_C30819043011190 - Copy - Copy (2)The chap pushing the prisoner is probably the regimental stretcher bearer, and around his neck can be seen the webbing strap used to support a stretcher when it is being hand carried:SKM_C30819043011190 - Copy - Copy (3)This is obviously unnecessary in this instance and just lies draped conveniently round the body.

Generally speaking injured enemy soldiers were treated well on capture, men realising that it could just as easily be them lying injured behind German lines and relying on the comfort of the enemy for survival as the German soldier in front of them.

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