Yorkshire Regiment Rugby Shirt

Regimental shops, and indeed private concerns, make a huge range of items for purchase by servicemen with the regimental or unit insignia on it. These are often also arranged by an enterprising member of the unit who collects money and arranges for small batches of clothing or souvenirs to be produced. These items help create a feeling of unit cohesion, advertiser the wearer’s allegiance and can also raise money for charity or regimental funds. Tonight we have an example of one of these souvenir pieces of clothing in the form of a Yorkshire Regiment rugby shirt:imageThe shirt is made in the regimental colours of green and black with red trim and the regimental cap badge is embroidered onto the right breast:imageA label with the word ‘Yorkshire’ is sewn into one seam:imageWhile the piping around the collar is red with black ‘Yorkshire’ lettering on it:imageThese items are often sold through the regimental shop, known as a ‘PRI’, ARRSEpedia explains:

PRI shops are unit gift shops that sell regimental badges, buttons, cufflinks, ties, leisure clothing and equipment such as shirts and fleece jackets etc., as well as presentation items such as decanters, tankards, prints and wall plaques.

The PRI shop is the place where enthusiastic nigs are ‘persuaded’ to squander their pittance on ‘essentials’ like regimental PT kit and Stable Belts, and for jaded NCOs to shop for comfy slacks and polo shirts.

Young officers are also to be found browsing through the stock – equipping themselves with the necessaries that are vital for a successful career – and to ingratiate themselves with the RSM and the CO.

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