Softie Jacket

One of the more popular items of issue clothing in recent years has been the reversible ‘softie’ jacket and trousers. These are soft shell garments with thick padding inside that helps keep the wearer warm in cold conditions. They are similar in feel and texture to a sleeping bag and although designed to be worn as a under layer, were often worn as outer clothing as well. Tonight we are going to be starting by looking at the jacket for this set, which is a simple garment that can be worn with either an olive green outer:imageOr by reversing it a tan outer:imageTo allow the jacket to be worn either way, the zip has an interesting feature that allows the pull tab to be swapped from one side to the other:imageZipped pockets are provided on both sides:imageInterestingly the stores labels are sewn into the pockets, presumably so they are not on show if the garment is reversed to get the other colour. For some reason this jacket had the label for the trousers sewn into it!imageThe ends of the sleeves are elasticated, to help trap a pocket of air inside the jacket to help keep the wearer warm:imageA drawstring is provided at the waist for the same purpose:imageHere the jacket can be seen being worn under body armour, it’s shiny finish making it easy to identify:imageThe jacket was supplied with a compression sack, like a sleeping bag, that allowed it to be squashed down and the air removed so it took up less space in a soldier’s bergan. Sadly I am missing this element but apparently these are quite easy to find as a separate item so I will keep an eye out for one.

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