72 Pattern Right Hand Pouch

The 72 pattern web set was a trials webbing set that was experimented with in the early 1970s. It was designed to be easier to decontaminate in an NBC environment and to address some of the shortcomings of the 58 pattern design. It has been several years since we last looked at any parts of this set, looking at the yoke and the left hand pouch. Tonight we look at the right hand pouch. imageThis pouch is a mirror of the left, but does not have a set of loops for a bayonet frog. The waist belt is also a female fastener rather than a male:imageOther than that the design is identical so there is a ready use pouch for a single SLR magazine secured with a press stud:imageAnd a larger utility pouch that can hold either L4 magazines or a water bottle:imageThis pouch is fastened with a black plastic two prong fastener:imageThis was highlighted as a weak point in the design as the fastener easily broke in service.

The rear of the pouch has a sewn on panel to add a name and number to, originally white this example is now very worn:imageA pair of eyelets are fitted to allow a machete to be slung using a wire hanger:imageAs this would be right above the wearer’s thigh, this does not seem the most practical of designs!

The pouch fastens to the rear pouch with a set of tapes and plastic and in lieu of a bayonet fixing, the right hand pouch has a couple of loops to attach other equipment to:imageIt goes without saying that the 72 pattern was not a success. One soldier who tried it recalls:

I tried a set on once. It was alles über der platz. Unlike trusty ’58 it was very awkward to don with any kind of speed and looked fit to fall to pieces under any kind of strain. Gash.image

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